Two Lives Over The Chat

Author: Simona Rea

The web is a life-giving heartbreaker for Esmeralda and Paolo. Their love story is so exciting that it be-comes absolute passion.. They get inside the vortex that attracts them like in the garden of Eden. They find the forbidden fruit, they want it at any cost and there is no way out. A desired need beyond their dream. The dream of two lives beyond the chat…

About the book

Esmeralda and Paolo are the protagonists in the carousel of a vir-tual world. Online connection is an essential vital call. They receive texts messages and they feel attracted; an incomprehensible need that binds them with a double slip knot. They steal a glance at their profiles, they’re shaped by their thoughts, their emotions; they pro-voke one another on the web, in the silence of the chat. A force of gravity that carries them away beyond any awareness. It’s a whim that gets into their minds, a vortex where they find their forbidden fruit: the web. An online call, a necessity of life. Esmeralda and Pao-lo play and enjoy their virtual connection. A vagabond chat that at-tracts them. Thus, they fill doubts, empty spaces and the insecurities of their past. It’s an odd thing, but they can’t give up to those silent messages that beautify their life. The virtual experience becomes their fairytale and now they want to embra embrace. Embrace it… Embrace it…

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About the author

Simona Rea
Rea Simona, author and writer, lives in Sora and she is graduated in Sports Science. After her first collection of poems, Pensieri Profondi (unpublished), she focused on prologues and narrative. She published some poems in the Enciclopedia Nazionale di Poesie Contemporanee. The first collection of poems, Emozioni di una voce (published in 2018). This is her second novel, the sequel of Two lives in a chat which is her debut novel.

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