Two Lives In A Chat

Author: Simona Rea

“Those messages are crumbs, filling an empty pot, it’s just the beginning. Esmeralda is a fatal beautiful lady like Morgan le Fay, she’s offering her mystery without knowing why. Paolo is the fearless man who wants to conquer quietly. They look like two teenagers.”

About the book

Esmeralda, a young successful interior designer, can’t sleep on a hot summer night. She’s bored and she thrusts her arm for-ward to take her phone on the bedside table. She starts scroll-ing through posts on Facebook, without thinking about any-thing, it’s just a game. She touches the phone by mistake and she adds “a new friend”, Paolo Marotta, a school friend, who has become a warehouse worker, a loser, a night wanderer, living a life that doesn’t suit him. That’s how it starts the illness of the modern world: the chat. Virtually, they talk about their life and their bad moments; they reveal their secrets, feelings, desires, hopes, temptations and forbidden dreams…. The si-lence of a virtual world lived through text messages becomes a necessity, an unintelligible addiction, what will it happen to them?

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About the author

Simona Rea
Simona Rea, author and writer, lives in Sora and she is graduated in Sports Science. After her first collection of poems, Pensieri Profondi, she focused on prologues and narrative. She published some poems in the Enciclopedia Nazionale di Poesie Contemporanee. Two lives in a chat is her first novel.

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