The invisible mountains

Author: Simona Ferrazzi

About the book

Right from the moment they first met, Omar and Cécile are struck by each other: he is of Arab origin but has been educated in France since he was a teenager; she is a “citizen of the world” both by nature and by the education she has received. Their worlds are so different that they seem complementary, in a perfect mix of ancient spirituality – influenced by a distinctly European upbringing – and liberal principles filled with a profound respect for different cultures. At first glance, their story appears to be a successful example of multiculturalism, a symbol of an integration that – in spite of all that politics does to promote or hinder it – finds its own natural way. However, when Cécile travels to Africa to celebrate their wedding according to the local custom, she begins to feel the first signs of something that she has never noticed before, like a small seed taking root in her heart, and which in time – as the girl becomes increasingly close to Omar’s family – grows into a poisonous weed… The Invisible Mountains is a novel that describes the difficult path of reconciliation between distant cultures with great intelligence and sensitivity, delving into their subtlest aspects and highlighting the implicit giving up of a part of oneself that such a choice entails on both sides.

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About the author

Simona Ferrazzi was born in Milan in 1962 and lives in Parabiago.
She completed classical and artistic studies, and then worked for decades in the field of advertising. She has published some poems as part of the collections Emozioni e Luci sparse (Editore Pagine), and the short novel Pelle di serpente for Albatros Il Filo Group.