The Embrace

Author: Silvia Castelletti  

About the book

Sandro Fogazzi, a successful psychiatrist, is overwhelmed by an existential tsunami when he turns forty. On hearing the terrible news about Renzo, the cousin he was raised with by the imposing figure of Aunt Agata, after he was abandoned by his parents at birth, he can no longer find any meaning to life. Although his days are overflowing with work commitments, an inner emptiness consumes his soul. So he tries to find himself again by helping to alleviate the pain of a war-torn people, but the attempt proves to be a failure. Therefore, he is forced to follow the special advice of his supervisor: a truly unexpected alternative therapy that will get his heart beating again, and the blood running in his veins. Sandro will finally find the missing piece of the puzzle to complete the picture of his life.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Silvia Castelletti is a pedagogue and educationalist, specialised in the field of disability within the school sector. She lives in Verona with special flatmates, three very greedy and cuddly cats. She volunteers as an ambulance rescuer, and loves to dance the Argentine tango. She has already published Il Cecchino (The Sniper – Albatros Il Filo, 2022).