Journey into heavenly illusion

Author: Sandro Bruni  

About the book

Journey into Heavenly Illusion by Sandro Bruni is a collection of poems that, collectively, recalls exactly the idea expressed in the title. It is a journey undertaken by a man who could be anyone (and therefore represents everyone from a philosophical point of view), in an attempt to find in his own experience and memories that heavenly illusion that is nothing more than the primordial nectar that feeds the human soul, the numbing opium that, like a powerful ointment, heals the effects of old times with the power of the transfigured image.

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About the author

Sandro Bruni was born in 1956 in Arcevia (Ancona.) In the 1970s, after completing compulsory education, he joined his parents in Zurich, where they had emigrated eleven years earlier. As a teenager, in order to become familiar with the German language, he took up various manual jobs and then undertook banking training, and obtained a federal degree. In 1976, he left Zurich and his family to move to Geneva where he continued his banking career, mainly in the stock exchange sector. In 1979, he took a sabbatical, and moved to London to improve his proficiency in English. Back in Geneva, again in the financial sector and for business reasons, he spent a couple of months in the Persian Gulf (Bahrain), before returning to Geneva. After obtaining a Swiss passport, in 2014 he decided, also for personal reasons, to return permanently to Italy, to his beloved hills in the Marche region, in the inland area of the province of Ancona, where he still lives.