Vincent Van Gogh, hunter of truth

Author: Rolando Giannetti 

About the book

Rolando Giannetti portrays Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most extraordinary artists of all time, with introspective, delicate yet intense writing that aims to trace the life, works and feelings of the enigmatic and sublime Dutch painter. 

Detached from an insensitive society, marked from birth by rejection and isolation, Van Gogh shows a constructive will and love for humanity, and a disposition that is prone to positivity and responsiveness. The artist stubbornly searches for truth, questioning everything – starting with his own existence – investigating the origins of everything and the relationships between things. 

In his works, he expresses a great vital tension, an overwhelming clarity and beauty in which the soul turns into vibrant colour and matter, as if to tell us that there is something hidden but extremely perfect in the universe. Van Gogh has the temperament of a fighter, a symbol of light overshadowed by the strong disappointments and great sorrows he suffered throughout his life. 

What Rolando Giannetti describes is an inspiring story that informs and fascinates for its depth, its emotional relevance and its thorough investigation from all angles.

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About the author

Rolando Giannetti was born in Saviano (NA). He lived for many years in Naples, where he was artistic co-director of Mezzo Teatro from 1997, also leading the acting school. He currently lives in San Salvatore Telesino (BN). He has written works of fiction and drama, as well as about cinema and visual arts. In 2001, he was awarded the first prize at the City of Empoli Domenico Rea Prize, with the short story I bianchi mattini. In 2008, he won third prize at the Città di Salò International Poetry and Fiction Competition for his book La drammaturgia dell’inconscio. In 2010, he received the Essay Trophy at the Via Francigena European Literary Arts Award for the book In cerca di un porto – La canzone d’autore di Francesco Guccini.