The Hunt

Author: Roberto Moretti

About the book

The investigations of Diego Celli and Tristana Cavalcaduro continue in search of Nicola D’Arrigo, who committed his heinous crimes hidden in the Balìn woods. The relentless search is intertwined with investigations into the ‘Velate’ organisation and the mysterious Demetra Verdi, the provocative director of the Venice Film Festival. It is in her own estate, Villa San Tomà, that – recorded by CCTV cameras – a shady figure wanders about, constantly disappearing and reappearing.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Roberto Moretti was born in Venice on 29 July 1954. A graduate in Medicine and Surgery, he is a specialist in general and cardiac surgery. He has worked as a thoracic, cardiac and emergency surgeon. He currently lives in the province of Venice, with his wife and a Norwegian cat, Corrado, who follows him everywhere and inspires him when he writes.
He is passionate about photography and Roman history, and has been a musician since the age of fourteen. He has played with rock, pop, and fusion – up to the natural evolution of jazz – bands. He is currently a composer, and plays double bass and electric bass.
After retirement, he focused on writing, trying to fix his experiences as a doctor on paper. Most of his stories are fictionalised life experiences. The investigations of Celli are a trilogy, with this being the second episode.