Eight Decade Arrythmia Apnea Algorithm

Renzo Ducati

A new spy story by Renzo Ducati, a string of thrilling twists and turns.

About the book

Eight Decade
A new spy story by Renzo Ducati, a string of thrilling twists and turns. It all begins with a series of almost ritual murders, under the aegis of an apparently esoteric movement, which upsets the world. The murders seem to be linked to some dark, occult, masonic branch of the international Mob, in particular to a strange organization called “Serendipity.” The victims, mainly Chinese-origin “transporters”, are beheaded. Police forces from all around the world are asked to intervene. An Italian engineer in his “eight decade”, Renzo Ducati, will cooperate with the CIA in Langley and Houston, in order to let special agent Carol Stewart and her husband David infiltrate Serendipity headquarters, with the aim to destroy all of its illegal bases scattered all over the planet. It will be a race against the clock, where nobody can really feel safe.
Düsseldorf, Germany. An Indian-origin computer technician, who oft en deals with cyber-piracy, accidentally finds out the existence of an algorithm that can break the security protocols of companies, public offices, banks and even military organizations. When the news spread out, many nations and organizations begin to be attracted to this program, which could bring entire countries to their knees. In the meantime, in Houston Angie Spencer, CIA agent Carol Stewart’s undercover name, is appointed by an important international consultancy agency to select the new vice president of the A.H. Corporation in San Antonio, an IT company, which develops computer programs for intelligence services…
In a laboratory in Bulgaria, not far from Rila Monastery, Professor Bosda is working on an exceptional discovery: an electromagnetic-ray light weapon, which is able to deactivate any electrically powered device. A Bulgarian drug boss manages to take possession of the weapon. The world intelligence agencies are in a flutter. The ERoD system, if developed on a large scale by industries and nations, would jeopardize international relationships and global security. Agent Carol Stewart, supported by a CIA colleague from Langley, has the task to infiltrate the group that has smuggled it…
Secret services worldwide are alarmed. A Boeing 747 with 145 passengers has disappeared from the radars as it was flying over Central Africa. It is not a plane crash, though. The airplane has been hijacked to Benday, a ghost nation nobody has ever heard of. How can the passengers be rescued? What is the truth behind that unknown country? Some secret agents, specialised in high-risk missions, are sent to Africa to collect data about the place, in order to use it at an institutional level to convict the illegal African government and to reconquer the unlawfully occupied territory.

About the author

Renzo Ducati
Renzo Ducati was born in Trento in 1933 and, thanks to his job, he became a citizen of the world. He graduated in Industrial Engineering and in Business Administration; and has three PhD in the field of the Industrial Business and Nuclear Physics Engineering. Former aircraft pilot and black belt second Dan of Judo. Ducati received an Award for Business Achievement in the USA with the Title: Cavalier for Enterprise Merit. In succession in Italy received the Cavalier Order of the Italian Republic Merit. He is an expert in Industrial Management and worked as teacher and consultant for Italian and International firms until 2013. He cooperates in important international projects, such as the TACIS Project for Russia, and the NAFTA Project for Canada, Mexico and USA. Ducati works for major industrial groups all over the world, and is certified member of the UNPPA in Washington and of the APCO in Milan (Italy) in the International Council of Management Consulting Institute (ICMCI). In 2017, he published “The Eight Decade”, the fourth chapter of the agent Carol Stewart saga. The first three books are “Arrythmia” (2015) finalist at the sixth Cerruglio Literary Award for fiction in 2016), “Apnea” (first edition – 2015) and “Algorithm” (first edition – 2013) besides his autobiography. In 2017, Ducati was chosen by the UNUCI of Lucca as member of the panel for the “Corsena Literary Prize”, dedicated to the History of Italian Aviation

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