Winter Rose

Author: Piera Caivano

Amazement in my eyes
Tears on your petals
wet from the frost.
Behind the glass on a frosty winter morning
I see you
A blooming rose in December.

About the book

Piera Caivano’s poetry encloses a very strong symbolism, hovering between the pages, capable of combining the natural elements with the many and intense nuances of the soul. Her poetry is emotional, enchanting and captivating due to the power of its expressiveness and the search for a form capable of engaging the reader and immersing them in a highly passionate reading. In its apparent minimalism, it turns out to be a sylloge with a strong personality, with straightforward verses capable of penetrating the reader into the most visceral part of themselves.

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About the author

Piera Caivano was born in Potenza in 1989. She graduated in Primary Education with a final thesis on Children’s Literature entitled Once Upon a Time, Storytelling as a Teaching Strategy in Pre-school Age. She is a pre-school support teacher, and strongly believes that teaching can be a horizon of meaning, a tension of the heart, where tension means an educational project that focuses on the person intimately connected with being, value and meaning.
‘Encounters, thus, are to be understood in terms of a fundamental premise for building peace, whose basic nucleus can be found in education, or rather in the child itself. This makes the school a place for experiencing the beauty of encounters, positive interdependence, and the values of democracy, cooperation and peace. Children frequently give her writing inspiration’. For Piera, writing, along with singing, is a passion, a lifeline, a way of expressing herself,
telling, narrating, drawing, photographing, preserving, passing on, communicating and sharing emotions. She took part in the National Literary Prize ‘Metamorfosi’, ranking second, and later published the book Floreale. She was awarded the Jury Prize at the ‘La botteguccia delle favole’ prize for her fable I gesti del cuore. Her most recent publication was Bocciolo nel mare (Europa Edizioni).

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