Author: Piera Caivano

About the book

Drawing from the Latin expression “Nebula”, Piera Caivano describes the many dark paths through which our thoughts can get lost, but just as infinite, like the stars gathered in the universe, are the ways in which we can find our home, and our heart.

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About the author

Piera Caivano was born in 1989 in Potenza. 

She graduated in Primary School Science with a final thesis in Children’s Literature titled “Once upon a time. Narrative as a teaching strategy in pre-school age,” and is a pre-school special needs teacher. She has great hope in teaching as a horizon of meaning, tension of the heart, where tension means an educational project that focuses on the person intimately connected with being, value and meaning; encounter and encounters. Thus, ‘the encounter is to be understood in terms of a fundamental premise for the construction of peace, the root of which is to be found in education or rather in the child itself, and the school is a place where the beauty of encounter, positive interdependence, and the values of democracy, cooperation and peace can be experienced. After all, children often provide her with writing prompts’.

Writing, along with singing and photography, is a passion, a lifeline, a breath of life, a way of expressing oneself, telling, narrating, drawing, photographing, preserving, passing on, communicating and sharing emotions. She participated in the “Metamorfosi” National Literary Prize, ranking second and then publishing the book Floreale; in the “La botteguccia delle favole 2020” National Literary Prize, winning the Jury Prize with the fable I gesti del cuore; in the National Literary Prize “La botteguccia delle favole 2021” achieving recognition as best pedagogical work with the fable “Una sorpresa stravagante”; in the National Literary Prize “La botteguccia delle favole 2022” being awarded the Jury Prize with the fable “Il passero ferito e il girasole dal petalo mancante” ; in the Artistic-Literary Prize “Una cartolina da Matera” ranking first in the Sensorial Poetry section with the poem “Il fiore selvatico della curiositas”; in the National Literary Prize “Poesia a Chiaromonte” ranking first in the Vernacular Poetry section with the poem “La famiglia”; in the “Racconti Rosa” contest with the short story “Amaranto”, recognised as worthy of publication in the literary collection “Leggende d’amore” (Rudis Edizioni); in the “LeggiadraMente” literary competition, as a finalist in the unpublished poetic sylloge section with the sylloge “Rubino di Venere” ; in the photographic collections “Immagini e Parole” with “Le floreali emozioni di Piera Caivano” (Pages); “Immagini in mostra” (Pages) and “Scenari” (Pages). Most recently, she published “Bocciolo nel mare” (Europa Edizioni), “Rosa dell’inverno” (Europa Edizioni) and “Melania dal cuore d’oro” (GD Edizioni).