An island adrift

Author: Nicola Spada

‘Time is the measure of everything.
Unstoppable, invincible, powerful, uncontrollable.
Anything else is an accident.’

About the book

“Once upon a time, not a long time ago, a boy lived on the beautiful island of Sardinia. He was no older than 13, his lineaments were typically Mediterranean. Average height, slightly curly dark hair, an amazing olive-colored skin, sweetly and perennially glittering in the sun, and two big, curious, and lively dark eyes, constantly in search for something to admire and inspect.
He was a kind of elf, exuberant, rebellious, an enthusiast for life, but also messy and frantically in search of new adventures and discoveries. He used to spend his time sneaking in everywhere, wandering about in a kind of perpetual motion. His fantasy had no limits and there was no place safe from his bratty eyes.”

Book Trailer

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About the author

Nicola Spada is originally from Gonnesa, a small town in Sulcis Iglesiente, an area located in the southwest of Sardinia. He obtained an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, a master’s degree in Legal Psychology and a master’s degree in Graphology. Spada works as a support teacher in High School. He lives in Cagliari with his wife and their two daughters. He is the author of Verba volant, scripta manent… fortasse, (La Riflessione Cagliari, 2008); Frei sein ist nichts, frei werden ist der Himmel, Fare Filosofia alla Scuola Elementare (La Riflessione Cagliari, 2008); Nemo intrat in caelum, nisi per Philoso- phiam (La Riflessione Cagliari, 2009).

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