Green coats and iron eagles

Author: Miryam Caputo

About the book

Alfredo is a distinguished surgeon at the Venice hospital who, facing a personal challenge, feels his foundations shaking. After taking care of his wife for an extended period, Elisa has become part of the family and is now more supportive than ever of Alfredo during his difficult time. Marco, on the other hand, is an intern who captures his colleagues’ interest with his reserved nature and the mysteries he appears to keep. When Alfredo learns that Marco is in financial distress, he invites him into his home, where Elisa has also been residing for some time. Alfredo, Elisa, and Marco, although not related by blood, slowly form a new and unique family unit, with Alfredo taking on the role of a guiding figure and the other two acting as his appreciative and loyal counterparts. Nevertheless, they are three unsettled souls who will find solace only by supporting each other, despite the challenges and unexpected events that life presents to them.

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About the author

Miryam Caputo was born and raised in Venice, where she still lives. She has also lived in other places to follow her husband, but her heart has always remained close to her strange and unique city that, with its slow pace and its human connections, is an inspiration for the characters in her books. In order to avoid – ironically – divorce, her husband has asked her to state that nothing is taken from her real life.