Matters of coscience

Massimiliano Ivagnes

“Would you lend me your dame for a waltz, Mr. Harris, before taking her to the hospital for multiple limb fractures?” asked Peter Winnicut from behind Loreen’s back.

About the book

Central idea: how do humans react to difficult situations, to all the bad thing that happen in the world? How do they approach love (Looking for the White Geranium and Like the Wind through the Sassafras Branches), how do they choose between their beloved ones and the social responsibilities (The Sun, the Rain), how do they act when the future is uncertain (Roberto’s Diary), when they meet someone different (Marco and the Dolls), when people around us need our help (My Best Friend and Father for Real) and when they look at themselves in the mirror (Ghosts from the Past). Are they brave, mean, merciful or cruel? There cannot be only one answer to these questions.
The aim of this collection is to describe different ways of reacting in critical situations and of choosing between what is best for ourselves – and the people we love – and a greater good. Moreover, the short story entitled Like the Wind through the Sassafras Branches pays homage – maybe clumsily but candidly – to Jane Austen.

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