The devil of the cliff

Author: Carlo Giuseppe Lucardi

“The devil came up from the abyss and settled in that house. He won’t leave until he finds what he’s looking for!”

About the book

Old Scimùn is convinced that the devil lives in Villa Bianca, but nobody takes his words seriously. Moreover, the mansion is the location for a TV show. The book takes place in Sardinia, during a handful of ordinary days. There are tourists, locals, carabiniere and anglers, friends and common people. What is about to happen, though, is far from being ordinary. In the story, we find Scimùn, who can’t catch lobsters anymore, a Maserati Levante, and eventually we fi nd ourselves in the middle of a terrifying thriller, with a trail of blood that becomes longer and longer.
What if the devil actually lived on that cliff? What if that old fool knew something unknown to the others? When the veil is torn apart, showing the real hidden picture, the characters that you have got to know will seem very different to you. A stunning novel, a page-turner that will keep you hooked until the very last page with its fast pace and quick dialogues.

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About the author

Carlo Giuseppe Lucardi Born in Genoa in 1953. He is a former surgeon, who started developing a passion for storytelling when he went to University. He is the author of L’anno della luna (The Year of the Moon), set in 1969 (the year Apollo 11 landed on the moon). For Europa Edizioni, he also published Il caso dell’assessore (The Case of the Council Member), a dark thriller dealing with mismanagement in the public health system, whose characters reappear in Il diavolo della scogliera (The Devil of the Cliff).

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