No universe without Pí

Author: Mario Araldi 

About the book

Curiosity, the famous question mark that drove me as a boy but in the end never left me, was the arrow that set the directions in our small world. There was no place for us, confined in the circle of our small village, even more constrained by the impositions brought on by WWII, which was knocking at our door, and which we accepted as a natural curiosity; so marked that it ‘invites’ me to explore unbeaten but still present paths that awaken out of the blue, posing me challenges that are randomly chosen, unintended, and totally unrelated to my current way of thinking. What was then a natural ‘imposition’ of distraction or challenges that arose beyond the limits of my abilities – which introduced themselves as the pain-in-theneck friend – are still here today, pushing me to propose topical challenges, seemingly picked at random, such as, who among us has never wondered about the real origins of this universe? I say this universe without excluding beforehand – to give a touch of originality – the possibility of the existence of other universes that would inevitably entail other space-time dimensions and parallel lives. Drawing on cosmology, physics and chemistry studies, our guide will take us by the hand in this daydream, showing us unprecedented details about what surrounds us and what might be there but we do not see. We wish all those who are willing to travel with us a pleasant journey into the folds of other times and other spaces just waiting to be explored.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Mario Araldi was born in Codevilla, Italy, on June 3, 1934. A graduate in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Milan in 1962, he began his career at the Politecnico di Milano as a Junior Researcher in the office of Nobel Prize Winner Professor Giulio Natta. In 1964, he joined ENI (Italian National Hydrocarbons Agency) as Senior Researcher on the synthesis processes of isotactic rubbers and plastics, and currently holds 6 patents. In 1968, he became director of the plastics and rubber research laboratory at IOS (Sintered Oxide Industry). He has been living in Brazil since 1976. There, he designed, founded and managed Fermag, located in Itabira, specialising, among other things, in the production of flexible magnets, and acquired in 1989. He was one of the founders and Vice President (2002-2020) of the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in MG (State of Minas Gerais, Brazil). In 2002, he was appointed as extraordinary commissioner of the local Comites (National Committee of Italians Abroad). He was the Founder and President for 10 years of Acibra (Italo-Brazilian Cultural Association). In 2004, he was elected a member of the CGIE (General Council of Italians Abroad) based at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome. He is the current consultant for industry and trade at the Italian Consulate in Belo Horizonte.