Virtually Real

Author: Maria Pia Ascione

About the book

‘He had found out that all poisonous substances not only had a more or less lethal effect, but also caused further unpleasant collateral damage. Some were even invisible to a toxicological examination but capable of inflicting great suffering for a given amount of time. Of course, he was not afraid of death. Alfio was afraid of suffering.’

Book Trailer

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About the author

Maria Pia Ascione was born in 1956 in Rome, where she lives and works as a labour consultant. She graduated in Law and Religious Studies and has broadened her spectrum of interests in various fields, including work safety, effective communication, human resources management, and family mediation. Her literary debut was in 2020 with the book Qualcuno doveva pur farlo (Someone had to do it.) Just a few months after the first publication, she participated again in the highly successful Nuove Voci series with her second literary effort. It is a long letter written to a friend in particular, but one that can be read by anyone involved in a ‘troubled’ relationship. In 2021, she wrote Non si è mai troppo grande (You are never too old), published in the Gli speciali series. It is a collection of short stories about some often overlooked yet fundamental aspects of our daily lives, our experiences, and aspirations.