Ascensional Flights

Author: Maria Letizia Rocchi  

About the book

After Cento grammi di pane nero (One Hundred Grams of Black Bread), an autobiographical novel about the author’s youth in Rome in the years of World War II, and Amarsi amando (Loving Each Other), in which two lives meet by chance and, as their relationship grows, eventually merge together, this work is a collection of short stories. These stories deal with love as a universal feeling, the inner strength that derives from it and the energy of life that can be found hidden even in small things: “If everything around you seems bad, look closer, you will find that there is at least one small thing that tastes like joy. As Ammaniti says, “Curiosity does not grow old”, and Letizia Rocchi (93) fully confirms this theory.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Letizia Rocchi was born in Rome in1927. She is self-taught sculptress and paintress, but also a teacher, constantly involved in charity activities. She lives in Switzerland with her family.