The Unsettled Cruise

Author: Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach

What strange destiny unites the passengers of the cruise? Are the extraordinary atmospheric events, the exceptional geological and cosmic events precursors of a catastrophic, forthcoming destiny?

About the book

During a long voyage on the cruise ship “Etruria”, the passengers get dragged into a chain of unexpected, mysterious and dramatic events. Some omens, which forebode dangerous, future happenings, are irresponsibly ignored. The lavish life on the cruise represents an escape from responsibilities and current emergencies (political, health and environmental). People are immersed in a pleasure-seeking sailing without guidance, haven or destination. All of a sudden, however, the distant happenings of the outside world become an unexpected gust of wind that comes from afar, and the travellers’ lives are upset by the strange events happening aboard the luxurious ship.
Here are some of the characters: a writer; the manager of a museum; a director; an FAO employee; an astrophysicist; a Norwegian; a fashion manager; an opera singer; an executive manager; a man in white; a mysterious cat; a man in black. The Earth sends this hedonistic group of cruise goers unusual signals: giant tectonic faults, which the ocean penetrates, that clamp the ship in a tight grip.
What strange destiny unites the passengers of the cruise? Are the extraordinary atmospheric events, the exceptional geological (magnetic inversion?) and cosmic events (gravitational waves, VIRGO, LISA?) precursors of a catastrophic, forthcoming destiny? Are the passengers taking a metaphorical trip without realizing it? What characters are real? What are symbolic? These questions unnerve the reader. As time goes by, actually, the voyage becomes surreal, and the unusual dimension of reality transforms everything into something that is abstract and symbolic, like a slow deviation from the awareness of a new plane of existence and a metaphoric announcement of the alarming destiny of our planet.

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About the author

Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach
Biologist, researcher, Secondary School teacher, Councillor of the Beigua Park. Animals, Nature, Ecology, and the battle against pollution are the themes of her literary works. Ivana Trevisani Bach endorses the “Ecopoetry” Movement, whose Italian Manifesto was written by Trevisani herself in 2005. Her works include scientific and literary articles.
Ecopoesie nello spazio-tempo (published by Serarcangeli, Rome) The Feline Comedy by Mozòt (published by Amazon) The Unsettled Cruise (published by Europa Edizioni, Rome) Books on animals (published by Mursia, Milan)
The author has attended:
Is Nature Writing dead? 4-8 June 2012 – The State University of New York at Oneonta I Brazilian Congress on Literature and Ecocriticism: “The Languages of Nature” – Universidad de Paraiba (Brazil) Composting Culture Conference, Worcester University 2012 (G.B.) Congreso internacional literatura y ecocrítica, Valladolid 29 – 31 julio 2014 – Universitas Castellae (Spain).

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