The Feline Comedy

Author: Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach

A journey into a fantastical world; an individual psychological journey from sorrow to serenity. A magical Pet Therapy.

About the book

Magic and mystery are intertwined in this fantasy novel. It is the story of the friendship between two depressed teenagers and a cat, and of their journey in a magical world, which can be seen as an individual, psycholog-ical journey from sorrow to serenity. A figurative PetTherapy.
A sort of Commedia with a cat in the role of Virgil. An as- cent in the G.B. Vico’s style, which traces the develop- ment of human thought and its relationship with nature, analogous to the psychological maturity of adolescents. Cultural references, metaphors and allegories connect- ed to the complex realm of the psyche, make this book suitable also for an adult audience, which can gain un- expected insights.
Mozot and all the cats in the novel are “humanized” as bipeds, and they are as tall as teenagers (just like ani- mals are usually represented in cartoons).

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About the author

Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach
Biologist, researcher, Secondary School teacher, Councillor of the Beigua Park. Animals, Nature, Ecology, and the battle against pollution are the themes of her literary works. Ivana Trevisani Bach endorses the “Ecopoetry” Movement, whose Italian Manifesto was written by Trevisani herself in 2005. Her works include scientific and literary articles.
Ecopoesie nello spazio-tempo (published by Serarcangeli, Rome) The Feline Comedy by Mozòt (published by Amazon) The Unsettled Cruise (published by Europa Edizioni, Rome) Books on animals (published by Mursia, Milan)
The author has attended:
Is Nature Writing dead? 4-8 June 2012 – The State University of New York at Oneonta I Brazilian Congress on Literature and Ecocriticism: “The Languages of Nature” – Universidad de Paraiba (Brazil) Composting Culture Conference, Worcester University 2012 (G.B.) Congreso internacional literatura y ecocrítica, Valladolid 29 – 31 julio 2014 – Universitas Castellae (Spain).

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