Whispers of the soul

Author: Marcia Jelga Valer

If it weren’t for the night
I could not see the lightning
that weave through the sky
giving me the strength of the storm
and the courage to face
your distance, so painful.
I could make the desert bloom
and fill the largest lake
with the drops of joy poured
and become pearls on my cheeks.

About the book

“If you still haven’t had the pleasure of reading The Songs of a Swallow, the first work by Marcia Jelga Valer, this new book will be an excellent opportunity to get to know a passionate author who uses her poetic creativity with uncommon intensity, and who is able to master a language that is not her native one with love and passion, providing a very enjoyable and pleasant reading experience. Through the use of  figures of speech, symbols and metaphors, Marcia Jelga Valer once again composes an evocative and rich collection, brimming with images and linguistic gems that transform the lines into the contents of a treasure chest recovered from the sea, taking the reader to a distant world with an exotic and mysterious atmosphere.”

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About the author

Marcia Jelga Valer was born on 21st May 1946 in Abancay, Peru. She is the eldest daughter of Mario Valer Pancorvo and Magdalena Letona Guillén. She studied at the “Santa Rosa” National College in Abancay, a school run by German nuns belonging to the Dominican Order. She graduated as a commercial secretary from the YMCA Christian Youth Association in Lima (Peru) and worked at the Ministerio de Energia y Minas in the Peruvian capital as a secretary. She married an Italian citizen, Vando Simonetti, who sadly passed away. She currently lives in Collestrada (Perugia), and is a housewife.
This is her second book. She has received the following recognitions for her works:
– “Danilo Masini” International Poetry Prize 2020 (awarded by the Accademia dei Nobili) – 8th place in the category Published book of poetry;
– “La Ginestra” Literary Prize, Florence 2021 – special mention for her poetry, awarded with a certificate and a graphic work.

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