A short story about a sign

Author: Mancini Marco

In the course of their evolutionary journey, thinking that they are the rulers of creation, humans have lost their sense of contact with nature, getting lost in endless attempts to guarantee themselves security and abundance, which periodically prove to be ephemeral. Locked up in the cities, they have lost the sense of communion with nature and no longer understand the importance of each individual part for the functioning of the whole. In other words, they have lost the ability to listen to nature. Our travelling companions, on the other hand, are simply immersed in it naturally and look at this strange “beast” with curiosity and fondness, but also with profound irony.

About the book

A series of stories that form, in their succession, a sort of poem of nature, where lower notes dance with lighter ones to compose a pleasant melody where every animate or inanimate being – from the drop of water to the cat, from the fly to the pebble – has its task.

They know this and are happy to be part of a mechanism where everything is perfect. In this great beauty, perhaps only humans have lost sight of their purpose, and yet it would take so little to remember it. It would be enough to observe carefully the little big things that surround them, like the sea, the sky, the animals, the woods.

Yes, nature is like a patient teacher, imparting fundamental lessons that can bring mankind back to simplicity, to a time that fosters reflective thought, to the now-forgotten awareness that we, too, are part of the whole.

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About the author

Marco Mancini was born on 24 August 1972 in Cortina d’Ampezzo. He spent his childhood in Venice and later moved to Rome.

His family home is in Umbria, on the slopes of the Martani mountains in the municipality of Castel Ritaldi, near the place where a stele was found bearing the Lex Spoletina for the management of tree cutting in a sacred wood dedicated to Jupiter. He graduated in management engineering, and subsequent personal and humanistic experiences such as yoga and theatre led him to merge the scientific and the sensitive orientations, in a vision that is open to nature, the universe, and novelties. He has already published the collection of poems Moti propri for Europa Edizioni.

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