Planet and Human Race

Author: Luciano Cagnata 

About the book

Looking at the last seventy years of human history, we cannot help but notice how these have been characterised by technological development on an unprecedented scale. Those who are born nowadays – in the age of the Internet and at the dawn of space tourism – will find it hard to imagine that their grandparents’ generation, at least in the early years of their lives, sometimes did not have electricity and running water at home, and often had to wait until adulthood to take a plane. Along with technological progress, however, several problems have increased and become more complicated, problems that threaten to affect the whole planet with disastrous consequences for the entire human race. These include overpopulation, global warming, wars, religious fundamentalism… all exacerbated and sometimes favoured by the fact that, with very few exceptions, politicians are unwilling and unable to provide adequate
answers to these issues. In this essay, the author provides an in-depth analysis of the planet’s current situation, often highlighting little-known or media-neglected aspects, suggesting some common-sense solutions that, if implemented in the interest of all, could not only prevent the end of Humanity, but even lead it towards a peaceful and bright future.

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About the author

Luciano Cagnata was born in Castel d’Ario (Mantua) in 1950. A graduate of Bocconi University, he has been a manager at important companies and an executive with a multinational company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. He is currently retired, but continues to work. In 2022, he published the novel Scatole a colori (Colour Boxes) with Albatros Il Filo Group.