Love somebody, and you'll love yourself

Author: Letizia Rocchi 

Things are getting better, even if not necessarily for you. However, all in all, you are still enjoying the sunshine and the fragrant air in your garden! Your daughter is showering you with attention and care. Are you happy, aren’t you? Can you imagine how happy I am too? It is nice to get all that love.

About the book

Luigi, now retired and with nothing but old memories, goes to the cemetery every week to visit his beloved Laura. He still chats amiably with her and tells her about his days. 

His life has not been easy, and his heart still fills with sadness thinking of all he has been through: poverty, material and human misery, the death of his little brother first, the disappearance of his mother immediately afterwards; a series of events that have left indelible marks on him when he was just a child, filling him with deep melancholy.

One day at the cemetery, Luigi meets Curzio, a boy who lost his parents in the Amatrice earthquake; he had to leave school and move in with his uncle, who cares little for him. The encounter between them does not seem like an accident, and will change both their lives.

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About the author

Letizia Rocchi (Rome, 1927) is a self-taught sculptor and painter, and a teacher. She has always been active in the field of volunteering, and lives in Switzerland surrounded by her nearest and dearest and her dogs.

After Cento grammi di pane nero (One Hundred Grams of Black Bread) – a narration of the time of her youth, set in the turbulent times of World War – the author is now back, almost blind but indomitable in spirit, and contemplates how from a casual encounter, two lives can cross paths, nurture a relationship, and eventually merge together.

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