History Crumbs & History Crumbs 2

Lelio Finocchiaro

Human beings have always been afraid of death. It is something innate. As a matter of fact, it is not easy to accept the idea of disappearing forever.

About the book

No matter if it is the origins of pizza Margherita or the legend of Holy Grail, pirates or the troubled history of Jewish people: in these pages there is room for everything.
Lelio Finocchiaro has managed to reconstruct human history, starting from ancient times, and go quickly through it. He chose some events sometimes more meaningful ones, some times more interesting, mysterious and fascinatingnes.
Lose yourself in this essay, which, just like a collection of stories, is able to arouse your uriosity “crumb by crumb”. Let the events capture you and get to the last pages being aware that you have learnt something, while having fun finding out new things about the past, which will make it possible, for you, to look at the present in a different way

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About the author

Lelio Finocchiaro
Lelio Finocchiaro was born in Messina but he has been living for many years in Lipari, in the Aeolian Islands. He is married and he is the father of two, who work with him in his pharmacy. He earned two degrees – Chemistry and Pharmacy – but he attended classical studies; he has always been passionate about antique and medieval history and he has worked as an editor of the history section of a local newspaper he was actually inspired by when writing History crumbs.

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