An Italian Story

Author: John K. Whites

Power games, financial operations and love intrigues between Milan, Rome, Tokyo and Seoul.

About the book

An Italian Story describes power games, economic and financial operations, and love intrigues in Milan, Rome, Tokyo and Seoul. It is a political-economic thriller with hints of romance. Everything happens in compliance with the values of Bushido, the samurai’s code of honour, and the Kabuki theatre’s style, characterised by un-expected twists and mysterious characters who play different roles. The story takes place in Italy in recent days, which are reread and reinterpreted. It deals with organisations and people – which have always been part of the social and economic system of Italian gov-ernment and society – obtaining power and joining forces to achieve their secret goals without acting in plain view. The plot creates a link between bewildering economic-criminal events, surfacing like tips of icebergs. Apparently, the events described are disconnected, but actually, they are determined by an old and rigorous plan.John K. Whites is the pseudonym used by an American economic-political reporter and an Italian manager who have worked in Italy and Japan. They have witnessed the same events and, after several years, they have met accidentally and have realised that their version of the facts was quite different from the official one.

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