Author: Guido Buffoli

“It is not clear whether love comes before desire or vice versa, but it is better not to underestimate children’s love, which is full of dreams, so strong that you can see it in the eyes of a new-born baby looking at his or her mother ecstatically.”

About the book

After Oedipus, by Dr Buffoli describes The Oedipus complex through the myths, and the stories of some patients.

The book is a mix between an essay and a professional and personal diary, written with a focus on the consistency of the contents and on the neutrality of the analysis of the different points of view.

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About the author

Gino Buffoli was born in Cles and lived in Merano. 

He studied Medicine at the University of Padua and he specialised in paediatric neuropsychiatry at the University of Pisa. He is a member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society, and he is psychotherapist and music therapist. 

He was director of the Este-Montagnana psychiatric service and adjunct professor of psychopathology, paediatric neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology at the Universities of Padua and Venice. 

He is the author of Preconscius, published by Albatros, and of many scientific essays. He is also co-author of psychoanalysis and music therapy books. He is a multi-instrumentalist and he loves music, horse riding, and the mountains.

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