Habeas Corpus + Reverse Code

Author: Giuseppe Vecchio

“[…] The typewriter was full of dust, not covered, as it should have been. To complete the work, Leslie would cover it and I would uncover it, so that
she would imagine that I had written something, and she was also happy because after a day or two I would trade the written sheets with the unwritten ones. In short, I had nothing to do and I considered this the best of all possible activities.

About the book

It is neither a novel nor an essay nor just another book. 

It does not have a single incipit or a single narrative voice. The themes are multiple, they add up and subtract from each other, creating a polyphony that can sometimes be disturbing. 

Habeas Corpus and Inverse Code are more like theatrical texts, with the addition of graphics and images that give the sense – or the nonsense – of a unique and original work of its kind. 

The reader can open the book from one side or the other having fun exploring correspondences and assonances. 

A book that is a graphic work, conceived and realised with the aim of integrating words and images and making full use of the blank page, while indulging creative taste and instinct.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Giuseppe Vecchio (Caggiano 1960) divides his time between Caggiano, Cava de’ Tirreni, New York, Rome and Teggiano. 

He is an international photojournalist, painter, ceramist, designer, Deputy Director of the periodical Voce Amica of Caggiano, member of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Park AIParC Centro Territoriali di Buccino Ager Volceianus. 

He writes for La Voce di Buccino and edits the column Uno sguardo dal ponte in the weekly magazine Già Mondo.

Giuseppe Vecchio has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for twelve years, and he has been President of the Parkinson Parthenope Voluntary Association, project manager of the Parkinson Italy Confederation, and Vice President of the Brain Storming Group Voluntary Association. He has published with Europa Edizioni Gli occhi degli altri (2020 – winner of the 6th “International Poetry and Fiction Competition of Cefalù” and of the Special Jury Prize “La Perla del Tirreno”,) and Racconta (2021.)

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