The Last Revolution

Author: Gioia Viola

“Who are we? Where are we going? These are the questions we try to avoid answering, because we think there is no answer to them. Moreover, we don’t know the real meaning of life, because we live superficially and this makes death even scarier.”

About the book

Starting from the notions of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, analysing their meanings and the consequences that the idea of their existence has on our lives, the author explores the theme of life and death from a holistic point of view. 

These elements are not disjointed but inevitably connected: one cannot be separated from the other, in an eternal cycle. The early Church Fathers believed in reincarnation, just as Eastern philosophies advocate: one dies to be reborn, and the goal of rebirth is to learn, correct, improve, in order to achieve full awareness and become part of a single Whole.

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About the author

Gioia Viola was born in Trieste and lives in Rome. 
She has a degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Religious Sciences from the Gregorian University in Rome. 

Her works reflect a personal and cultural research that has always focused on psychological, existential and spiritual themes, and include both non-fiction and fiction. Her essays include “Il divino e l’inconscio”, Italia Solidale Editrice, 1998, “La sessualità innamorata”, EDB 2007; “La paura del diverso”, Europa Edizioni 2017. The same search for depth runs through her narrative production, which includes “Mamma tuttavia”, Argo editore, 2011; “Per amore di Mauro”, EDB, 2009, and “Eravamo tutti belli”, Albatros 2011

Her writing and her personal life are concentrated in this same moral and spiritual afflatus, in an attempt at a vital synthesis that the author pursues as a good goal and as a purpose of wholeness of the person in all areas of their expression.

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