The bold heist of the 4 evangelist

Author: Franco Mazzetta

‘What do you think Luke meant? Has he lost his mind?’
‘I was wondering the same thing.’
‘A perfect heist!’… He scared the life out of me.’
Matthew sinks in the armchair, running his hand through his hair and scratching the back of his head:
‘Just when my life was finally on track.’

About the book

Matthew, Luke, John and Mark have been inseparable friends since high school. People call them ‘the four evangelists’. They are now adults but, apparently, they just can’t seem to stay away from some absurd adventure. This time, the trigger is Luke, who, finding himself in a tight spot with his job, will start planning a heist to save his skin and even earn a little money. The most disparate characters will be involved in his plan, from the president of the bank where he is employed to the secret services, from the Swiss police to the henchmen of a shady figure.

Mixing funeral parlours, cruises, dream yachts, failing companies and fishing trips, this is a story not to be missed.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Franco Mazzetta, born in Valtellina on 11 August 1951, is a medical doctor, and a consultant in otolaryngology. He lives and works in Savona.
He is the author of the brilliant comedy Per favore si spogli! (Please undress!), the creator and scriptwriter of the film Trappola per single (Trap for singles), a writer and contributor to goliardic magazines. He has provided ideas for the Baistrocchi Theatre Company and is the scriptwriter of adventure comics.
His other published books are: Trappola per single and Si prega di non mancare (Please, don’t miss it).

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