The words we say at night

Author: Franco Morro Bolzoni

“I love and I can die, but if you love me I must not die, because if I died, I would betray you, even though it might happen because of the lack of compassion that pervades life.”

About the book

Diego is a troubled guy. He comes from a dysfunctional family. His father is a failed tenor, a heavy drinker who chooses to become a superficial man. His mother is a victimized woman, perennial depressed, oppressed by her sense of duty that kills her authenticity. Diego started off his life on the wrong foot, his fantasy is limitless but unfortunately his sense of decency and his feeling of shame as well.
Diego is tall and slender, bony and extremely shy, he is convinced to be weak-minded. Diego is an underachiever, he does poorly in school, in sport and lacks a social and romantic life. One day, after the umpteenth painful situation that confirms his inadequacy and alienation, he decides to make a final decision about his life: take it or leave it. Here starts Diego’s story.

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About the author

Franco Morro Bolzoni was born in Piacenza in 1948. He is a psychotherapist, and professor. He published two books of poetry: Poesia 29 and L’amore non se ne intende.

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