In the voyage of my dreams

Author: Francesca Marra 

When we unleash the true essence of our soul, nothing can stop us any longer and everything is possible, because Evil cannot outlast the supreme Good that we choose to pursue at the cost of our own lives. A life rediscovering itself, understanding its ancestral dormant heritage, which comes from afar and makes it a unique, special being, capable of reading beyond time and space. It is a journey towards the reawakening of the primordial force that shines in the deepest part of oneself, to pursue a goal that may not be easy, but is impossible to avoid.

About the book

A word-by-word narration suspended between tangible reality and ‘other’ reality, in a constant flow that leads the protagonist to a constant connection with her own true essence, the only way to truly be able to live life according to her original plan. However, there is more than one life; Creation would be too imperfect and limited if everything was nothing but a single, brief passage on earth, too short to acquire all the knowledge our soul needs. This is a journey in writing and in the soul, which shows us, beyond the veil, what immense opportunities we could seize if we simply listened deeply to our inner child. It is easy to get distracted by the cage of matter, but by working assiduously on ourselves we can all make full use of that inexhaustible source of gifts that is our soul, and learn its precious truth.

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About the author

Francesca Marra was born on 15 June 1986 in Lodi. Her origins are Calabrian and Lombard on her mother’s side, and Apulian on her father’s side. She has lived in Lombardy, Apulia and Calabria, travelling extensively in the rest of Italy and abroad for family reasons. This has allowed her to see and observe her life and the life around her in a different and mentally open manner, and although this has led her to grow up precociously, she has preserved her childlike eyes and heart, thanks to which she has discovered within herself a great fortitude, sense of justice and revolution, a strong empathy, an inexhaustible source of irony and self-mockery, and a tragicomic humour. She has always fought on the side of the weak and disadvantaged, the excluded and misunderstood, of all those who cannot defend themselves, including animals. She has developed a passion for dance, acting, drawing and painting, writing, singing, piano, music, and art in general. She is grateful for the artistic spirit that resides in her, as it fills her with love and joy, providing comfort and lifeblood in a world full of suffering.

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