The tourist sitting on the suitcase

Author: Flavio Garneri 

A love story – that underlies unique meanings in the existence of those who live it – can also start like this.

The meeting between the man and the power woman who surfs on success without dehumanising herself, is filled with emotional intensity.

In the days that follow, everything happens and he learns to be less hard on himself, even to the extent of absolving himself.

The story’s elements gently settle into the reader’s heart, triggering unexpected circular reactions. Women are the main characters, with the modes of communication they typically use when they do not relate to men, who on the other hand would not listen because they ‘have the sea in their ears’.

About the book

When Flavio sees Morgana for the first time, something in him awakens and gives him the courage to go talk to her, who is apparently nothing more than a beautiful tourist sitting on a suitcase. 

The first words they exchange are already a promise to see each other again, and it is her, although without any information about him, who will look for him first. The result is a romance that satisfies all the senses, made up of sweetness, passion and long, imaginative conversations. In the background, however, the secret of Morgana’s existence lingers. Who is she, really?

Book Trailer

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About the author

Flavio Garneri was born in Cuneo in 1969 and graduated from a technical institute. In his spare time he focuses on studying and is intrigued by many aspects of life. Aware of everyday reality, he tries to give meaning to his experiences. In this new work, he observes through both real and symbolic experiences, and tries to unravel one of life’s greatest mysteries.
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