As an Artist

Author: Fadi Nasr

Because when you love, you don’t make love, you do everything.

About the book

Because when you love, you don’t make love, you do everything.  There is no such thing as a savage heart: Men and smartphones dragged it into the caves. Keep your heart with you, it never runs out of style.  As an artist, I love it because I keep all the good things of life inside of it.
In this sentimental journey, Fadi Nasr lets small things – the grass, the wind, the leaves, the petals, the ants – guide him. These beautiful natural elements are masterfully illustrated throughout the book through sketches and suggestions, rather than explicit portraits, sinuously supporting with their light and dark shades the sentimental atmosphere created by the light and crepuscular verses of the poet, of his fragile and hopeful soul. Hope is, in fact, a pillar of this work. Hope for life to find its guiding light, maybe true love. This 3rd compendium is a further proof of Fadi Nasr’s sensitivity, but above all of the freshness of a delicate soul opening up to poetry with the intense and gentle fragrance of a lily. The many illustrations, made by the poet himself, aim at leaving a vivid footprint of his unique spirit.

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