Author: Fabio Bortolotti

“Betrayal” (of Democratic Principles)

About the book

In a Country dominated by a fraudulent system, where constitutional principles are only apparently observed, democratic ones undervalued and public ethics and responsibilities in free fall, there can be no future. As long as a useless multitude of jugglers and illusionists of politics will rule the Country, being generously paid to deceive the citizens, flaws and misinterpretations of democratic principles are destined to increase. In these essay the author deals with ethically despicable political activities and behaviours, which against every democratic principle (rules, obligations and duties), jeopardise the sovereignty of the State and the moral and juridical integrity of public institutions.
The term proditio (betrayal) is here used to describe actions and behaviours that, in different contexts, disappoint people around us, maybe failing to keep promises and moral commitments.
The betrayal of democratic principles performed by the honourable lords of politics actualises in the dissolution of the bond between institutions and citizens, which is the main cause for current political and moral neglect.

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