The mocking sun

Author: Elena Ungari

About the book

The Mocking Sun by Elena Ungari deals with the tough topic of loss and grief, experienced as something that sadly makes lives an ever-deepening abyss with seemingly no way out. However, it will be life itself – through the surprising encounters it has in store – to remind us that not all is always lost, and that the opportunity for rebirth is concealed even behind the darkest clouds. This is a novel of rebirth, of hope, but above all of awareness, the awareness that everyone can find within themselves, even if it often comes at the cost of sacrifice and suffering, which are nothing compared to the feeling of peace that we slowly learn to perceive in all its power.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Elena Ungari was born in 1967 in Manerbio, where she still lives and works as a translator for the Catholic University of Brescia. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature from the Catholic University of Brescia in 1991, she became an English language lecturer at the same university. In 2006, she completed her PhD at the University of Lampeter (Wales). In addition to the publication of several academic articles and a book on Australian post-colonial literature, from 1992 to 2006 she contributed to the news, culture and economics pages of ‘Il Giornale di Brescia”. From 2011 to 2020, she was President of the cultural association LUM (Libera Università di Manerbio). Her short story Cara mamma (2019) was particularly praised in a competition organised by the Brescia White Cross. Her first fiction book, All’ombra dell’oleandro rosa, was published in 2021 by Albatros Il Filo.