Perpetual Revelation

Author: Dino Garcìa Duranti

If I look inside of me, I see that my heart’s sky is devoid of shadows. God’s light brightens it. I feel a big change in my heart. The Spirit operates in me and modifies my path moment by moment.

About the book

After his extraordinary account in the book Illuminazione (Revelation,) Dino Garcìa Duranti comes back with a new collection. His life intertwines with different philosophies; from Hinduism to Buddhism, from Che Guevara to Osho, and lastly to a Christianity lived with great intensity. Starting from the fight against different expressions of evil, in the attempt to eradicate the Ego, which is a source of struggle and temptation itself, the author continues to collect and to publish his personal experiences.
His aim is to show the direction to those people who are lost, like a small lighthouse in the distance that, in a dark night, can represent a huge hope. In this book, marked by an important event that took place in March 2018, Dino provides a lot of food for thought, starting from everyday happenings, which are the raw materials necessary to create higher thoughts. The second part of the book collects a number of considerations, brief dialogues, letters, messages and short poems. It is a unique book for a unique author.

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