We, like Gods

Author: Cetty Greco De Luca 

“She remained locked in her house for three days, alone. Her only companions were three bottles of gin and the bathroom where the large mirror reflected her image, while a hundred masks danced before her.
She had never known physical pain or the eternal pain of the soul, never had her belly thundered with hunger or her throat suffered from thirst, even though she was surrounded by fresh water or fruit, which receded when she tried to grab them, because she had revealed the secrets of the gods with whom she had feasted. That mirror reflected the madness that had always distinguished her in facing life, that had always saved her on a hundred occasions and that had made her a soulless woman, shameless, perverse, without maternal instinct. She had never kissed a child or heard a wail, never touched a baby’s tiny hands.”

About the book

Alda is beautiful, as beautiful as a goddess, and like a goddess she is capricious, fickle, and shameless. She is so dependent on her own desires that she is completely indifferent to the pain they may cause others.

Born on a small Mediterranean island and the only girl in a family that does not give her any credit, she sees in herself and in the people around her the characters from the myth, perhaps to elevate herself, to give herself those dignity and importance that others have not given her, without knowing that the gods do not like arrogance and, sooner or later, they will decide to punish her.

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About the author

Cetty Greco De Luca was born in Palermo; she lives and works on the island of Favignana, where she has found her personal centre of gravity. She graduated in Literature.

Since she was a teenager, she has cultivated the art of painting, drawing on her notes from the trips she makes to learn about and explore the customs and traditions of peoples, becoming an interpreter of a style of painting on canvas or wood, using glue, acrylic paints and sand to create ethnic motifs and achieving coveted awards and favourable reviews in Italy and abroad.

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