2024 The compass and the porticoes

Author: De Marco Carmelo

[…] ‘My God, the world has changed,’ Guido thought out loud as he walked into the lounge to greet the first customers who had rung the doorbell. It wasn’t one o’clock yet. ‘People want to taste a little more of life,’ he muttered, raising his head as he opened the door.
Then he was shocked.

About the book

Guido and Gabriella are the young protagonists of two parallel stories that are destined to intersect. The story begins in 2024 in Bologna,  devastated by the pandemic that hit the planet from 2020 onwards, and develops over six months. Italy and Europe are torn apart by the advance of radical right wing parties that have managed to be elected by tired and disillusioned people by using every means of manipulative consensus.
The two protagonists’ lives are at a turning point, in the wake of a past filtered through a number of flashbacks, which the author uses
to take the reader into the intimacy of their stories, with a focus on the passions, the losses of their dearest affections, and the complications of their sentimental and social lives.
Democracy is in crisis, and social inequalities are growing. The decline of western culture is in the final act. Will Guido and Gabriella be able to find a dimension to their existence? Will the spark of their encounter and the love that follows help them find their compass along the porticoes of their journey?
A dystopian provocative novel aiming at demonstrating that sometimes there is a thin line between fantasy and reality. And what in the narrative is pure invention could still happen, perhaps with more devastating effects.

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About the author

Carmelo De Marco was born in 1946 in Messina. A lawyer and jurist, he has published law books for Giuffrè Editore and essays in legal and management journals. In the 1980s he was top manager of an insurance-financial group in Bologna, where he lived for many years. He recently returned to his homeland, Messina, where he has settled permanently.
In 2008 he published for Firenze Libri the collection of poems Ho dimenticato di stirare (I forgot to iron) and in 2018 he published for Kindle, Amazon, Piatti galanti di un cuoco per caso (Galant dishes of a casual cook), not a cookbook but a novel, which is actually not a novel, but stories of life with some ingredients as protagonists. In 2020, he published the novel La tela di Marco (Marco’s Net) in the EDIFICARE UNIVERSI series by Europa Edizioni.
In 2021, he published the poetry collection Parole, suoni, silenzi – Un’anima e due ali (Words, sounds, silences – A soul and two wings) for
Venilia Editrice

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