Italy in the populist Era

Author: Carmelo Conte

When populism reaches a governmental status, it loses its own nature and becomes illiberal.
Berlusconi and Renzi’s governments have represented its laissez-faire vision, while Salvini and Di Maio are stressing its authoritative and state-controlled approach.
Populism doesn’t feed itself with history or future, but with a present made of resentment and fear: Europe, Islam, migrants, social outcasts.
The active-criticism anti-politics has become a media product at the service of a leaderism-based system.

About the book

“Let’s think about this: Italy is the only European country where, after World War II, there hasn’t been any completely left wing government nor a completely right wing government. We have never had a leading party, but always coalitions and compromises, with different parties sharing the stage.”
Starting from this consideration, Carmelo Conte describes the current political situation in Italy, highlighting the contradictions that fostered the rise of populist ideologies that are establishing roots in the Italian Parliament. By dealing with different topics, from political parties to particracy, from populism to its many types, Italy in the Populist Era describes impartially and thoroughly the current political situation of the Mediterranean country.
This book provides an unbiased portrait of a cultural – not only institutional -disease that slogan after slogan changed Italy and its political narrative in the last twenty years, imposing populism as the only language that voters can understand and appreciate.

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