The Pitch Of Dreams

Authors: Mario Bocchetti, Silvio Crisari, Ciro Ruotolo.

With a Foreword by Giovanni Malagò (President of the Italian National Olympic Committee – CONI) A football story described by an uncommon and privileged point of view: that of the pitch.

About the book

Seeing life through the eyes of a child is always touching. It brings us back in time, making us caress unforgotten memories and taste special experiences. It is a sweet start that moves us, giving us the perception of what growing up right really means. Far from exasperations, the playful aspect of the game must be the cornerstone of a gradual and gratifying process, characterised by morality and good manners. This book touches hearts with pleasing lightness, because it talks about children and sport, specifically football; two extraordinary things that, together, can light up the darkest sky, giving hope and smiles.

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About the authors

Mario Bocchetti
Mario Bocchetti was born in Naples in 1991. He has three great passions: his hometown, science and, above all, sports. He is a dreamer of a different era and, just like his fellow citizens, he is always eager to hear sport stories and to be moved by the emotions that the athletes create with their small huge accomplishments. He describes the world around him in the blog Una Questione di Centimetri.
Silvio Crisari
Silvio Crisari was born in Rome in 1972. He got two different futsal coaching licenses, specialising in the UEFA B. Crisari is the creator (together with the coaches of three different futsal national teams) of the Futsal Solution methodology, characterised by open and cognitional training sessions, aimed at providing strong stimuli to young players, in order to facilitate the devel-opment of a modern “thinking” player. In 2014, he was the As Roma calcio coach for the 2006/2009 category. Then, he became the futsal Rappresentativa Allievi regionale of the Lazio region coach. In 2017, the team won the Italian Championship by defeating Veneto 6-3 in the final match in Puglia. Crisari has cooperated, as an expert in teaching methodology for the youth sectors, with the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and the Guyang team (China). At the moment, he cooperates with Euroj Sport Academy (Kagoshima, Tokyo).
Ciro Ruotolo
Ciro Ruotolo loves telling stories. Stories about what he sees, what he hears, what moves him. Football, with its noblest and cleanest side, is one of those things that awaken in him some of the deepest sensations a lover can feel.

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