Five love stories

Author: Bruno Pandolfi

“It is undeniable that true love is the highest and noblest feeling a person can have, something that gives meaning to their existence; the most beautiful gift God has given them, because it touches their spirit and lifts them above earthly things, which are of no value in comparison to it.”

About the book

Five beautiful love stories that describe all possible kinds of love: between husband and wife, lovers, parents and children… 

Tormented, difficult, troubled love stories, in which, however, it is always possible to find something personal, maybe in a gesture, a thought, a word, in the desire for a happy ending. 

In the background of the five stories is a cross-section of an Italy that no longer exists, the Italy of the war and post-war years, when life was extremely hard, full of small and big problems, but always full of hope.

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About the author

Bruno Pandolfi is a Neapolitan engineer who, in the course of his professional activity, has designed, directed and tested, in Italy and abroad, countless works, such as railway bridges, viaducts, industrial sheds, shopping centres, hotels, cinemas and theatres, sports facilities, residential buildings, and maritime works, such as jetties, docks, and port works. He has also carried out important and delicate static and conservative restoration works on buildings of historical, architectural, and archaeological interest.

In spite of his professional achievements, he has been interested in and passionate about classical humanistic studies, such as Italian, Latin and Greek literature, history and above all art history, since his high school days. When the general situation in the country no longer allowed him to carry out his engineering activity as before – mainly because he was urged to do so by someone very close to him – he began to write novels in which Love, defined as ‘the engine of life, without which life makes no sense’, is always the central topic.

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