Susi's Landau

Author: Bruno Arcangeli Grablovitz

The novel is entitled after the landau, an ancient coach with a folding hood that Susi loved. It was with her in many important moments of her life, including her wedding. Susi lives her youth with apparent carefreeness and grace, the same grace that the family’s landau could inspire. Susi’s features are due to her personality and to her family’s upbringing.

About the book

There are invisible strings tying us to our past, bonds that, from father to son, hand down customs, habits, traditions and feelings making us feel part of the story that is set by the passing of years. The words in this novel, which could be defined “historical”, take our hands and gently and with great care lead us back to the end of the 19th century, when the young Susi, from the small village of Ronchi dei Legionari, attended the Ursuline Sisters School in Gorizia. The landau, which the book is named after, is a symbol of those changing times and, in a way, it accompanies Susi elegantly and lightly until the day of her wedding. Bruno Arcangeli Grablovitz, meticulously reconstructs the history of her family, tile after tile, thanks to extensive research, precious documents and his mother’s heartfelt accounts. The result is a detailed description of the social, economic and historical context of the time, when important events occurred, inevitably changing the future.

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