Kitty, the stranded whale

Author: Bruna Geremia

[…] And then she understood what kind of secrets Kitty kept hidden deep in her heart. She had her grandmother’s “Gift”, she would be the next Manu Lani, the priestess who could listen, understand and help all creatures, and protect them from the dangers that threatened their natural habitat.

About the book

Kitty is an adorable, friendly, kind, and candid little girl. She lives on Maui, a Hawaiian island in the Pacific Ocean. She loves the sea and all its creatures so much that she often helps her mother Lyara, a well-known biologist at the Maui Ocean Center, to welcome and take care of all the species living in the archipelago. Her fame as a little goddess grows every day, and the Queen of the Abyss, Melisandre, doesn’t like it. She is arrogant and envious, and as a reward for her services she demands a young hostage. The author delivers a great story of friendship, generosity and courage, a passionate story about the importance of safeguarding the environment and respecting the wildlife.

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About the author

Bruna Geremia was born in San Martino di Lupari in 1952. She has lived in this charming town in the province of Padua, Veneto, all her life. Now a retired primary school teacher, she has a secondary school diploma with specialisation in teacher training and child physiopathology. Fond of history, art and mythology, she started writing short stories for her pupils and grandchildren, hence the nickname “Nonna Bruna”,
to feel closer to young readers. She loves travelling, visiting museums and reading. A great fan of Regency novels, she would like to try her hand at writing her next book, setting it in early nineteenth-century England.

Her first story published by Albatros in 2021, entitled Quattro barboncini, un barbone e un labrador (Four Poodles, a Tramp, and a Labrador) aims at describing how her furry friends have made her life better.

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