The Smell of Snow

Author: Gianmarco Binda

“The air is clean; I can smell the snow. I remember a tired face, a call for help, and us talking on the couch. Something happened, something broke, and I can still smell the snow.”

About the book

The Smell of Snow takes us into a dimension blurring between dream, memory, and reality.

The novel narrates, over a long period of time, the stories of young men endowed with extraordinary virtues, powers that are handed down from one generation to another, outlining a privileged relationship between them and Nature.

The landscape is almost motionless and is dressed in the colours of the seasons; the woods where children play are the same ones that will welcome their love encounters when they grow up, witnesses of sodalities and secrets, alliances and betrayals.

All these elements contribute to the construction of a novel that is rich in pathos and mystery, profound intuitions and exciting twists and turns, a novel that aims to stimulate in the reader a reflection on the bond that humanity has with the Universe, not as an abstract concept but as a concrete relationship, made up of signs that we need to read and interpret in order to live together in a dimension of peace and serenity.

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About the author

Born in March 1965 under the sign of Pisces, Gianmarco Binda has always been fond of harmony, love, nature, history and the study of the stars and subtle energies. He lost his father when he was eight years old and fell into a deep grief. He lives in the village of Caglio, in the beautiful Valley of Asso (Vallassina), in the Province of Como, which has inspired many of his thoughts.

He started to write sentences, prose and poems when he was a young boy, but he started to collect them only when he was about 25 years old, and he still does. He published with Albatros Group the poetry collection Come mi sento (Le Piume, 2020.)

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