Big Hopes

Author: Antonella Castelletta  

Big hopes is a tale of courage and friendship that shows how
anything is possible with the help of others

About the book

An incredible win: 50 million euros. The lucky winner wants to remain anonymous, but their choice takes a small village by surprise. In particular, four close friends, Giulia, Michela, Anna and Francesca are stunned when a lawyer tells them that this benefactor has chosen them to handle this huge sum of money. 

The purpose is to help needy people pay their taxes, fix and improve the local hospital, support research and disease prevention and renovate abandoned houses. The four women are initially confused by the unusual proposal but waste no time and in a few weeks, they turn their village into a building site. 

The anonymous benefactor’s only request is that they continue to organise concerts in the spirit of the past, such as the Christmas concert when their choir and band cheer everyone up with music and good humour. Everyone is curious about this incredible benefactor, whose identity will only be discovered at the end, leaving them all astonished. Perhaps a guardian angel put a hand in all these human matters.

Book Trailer

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About the author

Antonella Castelletta was born in Novara in 1964. She lived in Turin, where she attended scientific high school. For her, the return to her native province was inevitable. After 25 years of
marriage, two children, a divorce and a family job, to which she still dedicates herself, she found new stimuli and new emotions in writing short stories. In the few spare moments she takes from her work as a delicatessen artisan, she begins writing stories on simple sheets of paper which she then writes down on her computer in the evening. Being a keen music listener, she brought her passion for music into this story. In this book we find descriptions of the places where she lives: the Novara hills, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.