The Sergeant’s Egg

Author: Antonella Cassanelli

Everything is about to change. A World War has just ended and another one is getting closer. The Twentieth Century elegantly described by Antonella Cassanelli

About the book

Moments of private life and major events of the Twentieth Century are interwoven, on the thread of memories, in this book (even if it is not always easy to reconstruct all of them in the right sequence). As it often happens, personal testimonies have the merit of giving posterity a genuine vision of what happened: Italy’s Fascist era, the WWII, the immense trage-dies that primarily hit the innocent population… In these difficult years lived Michele, father of the author andprotagonist of these pages. Arrested for desertion and sent to the Marche region, enlisted into a German military com- pany committed to defend a bridge from the advance of the allies. Fear, hardships and that “sergeant’s egg”, conquered with cunning and a pinch of recklessness… A story of great humanity and high documental value, important for under-standing all the significant moments of Italian history. Fear, hardships and that Sergeant’s egg conquered with cunning and a pinch of recklessness… Suddenly came out a gunshot from a bunch of boys… Many youngsters were screaming without knowing why.

About the author

Antonella Cassanelli
Antonella Cassanelli was born in Rome in 1957. When she was 20, she had a first experience as a co-director of a theatrical work based on a revisitation of the “Magical Dwarfs” by the Grimm Brothers. She is currently an urologist-surgeon, based in an Italian hospital and has published several scientific articles. With Gruppo Albatros, she has already published: “Nella trappola dell’indifferenza” (2011), her debut novel, which has been largely acclaimed, being awarded with the Honorable Mention at the Prize “National Histonium 2012” in Vasto; “L’Economa e la gatta” (2014), which has been awarded with the finalist prize at the 4th Edition of Fiction Poetry Award “Luce dell’arte 2015”.

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