Author: Leonardo Armezzani

“Bullshit. They realised how uncomfortable the situation was and stepped back, yielding the case to us. Okay, go get the car. It’s just 15 km from here. We’ll be there in ten minutes.”

About the book

Flavio Bonelli, a detective in Rome, is about to see his career soar. He already imagines seeing his name in the headlines for vanquishing the most dangerous drug trafficking organization of the century.
However, after many stakeouts, wire-tappings and tailings, when it comes to finish the deal, something goes inexplicably wrong, leaving him empty-handed and forcing him to start all over again.
Daniel Grillo, a detective in Taurisano, a small village in Apulia, 1,000 km far from his home, has a boring and lazy life. His job disappoints him, and the cases he has to deal with are of no interest. It seems that nothing could upset his tedium.
Bonelli and Grillo’s lives differ immensely, but when they cross paths in the aftermath of a series of murders and disappearances, they begin a chess match where they’re both ready to make their moves in order to get information from each other, without putting their cards on the table. They don’t have the luxury of time and the risks increase. Powerful people would do anything not to see their shady plans jeopardised. The two detectives will have to set their differences aside and join forces. A false step could cost them dearly.

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