Painting a Dream

Author: Andrea Berardi  

A book as well as a journey.
A journey a journey that inspires art.
Art that comes to life.

About the book

Under the scorching June sun, in Nice, a beautiful young man walks about with a remarkable purpose: saving the institute where he was taken in as a child, when he became an orphan. Philippe paints purely for pleasure, as a hobby, and only displays his creations at weekends, selling just enough to make a living. His acquaintance with a charming and seductive American woman offers him an unexpected opportunity; the project is ambitious, but he is determined to go all the way. The opportunity to exhibit at MoMA makes him proud but confronts him with the risk that he may have to give something in return, because he knows that nothing is for free in this world. However, compromising would mean going against his own ideals, denying his own principles, and he would never forgive himself for that, even if it meant losing everything. A chain of events and Eloise’s love will lead him to a final solution. Painting a Dream by Andrea Berardi is a fresh, youthful tale, full of life and colour. The message it contains is simple and clear: believe in what you love.

Book Trailer

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