Under these trees

Author: Alberto Libeccio 

Women hold the memory of a population. They are the glue that has healed all the rips of History; they have ensured the future of entire nations with constant, obscure, and essential work.

About the book

Connected by the bitter experience of exodus, some women, hosted in a refugee camp following the end of the Second World War, share the emotions and experiences that have forged their character. Victims of a History that sees men as protagonists of heroic deeds, their absence from the historical scenario is motivated by the social role that erroneously confines them to a narrow and totally inadequate space. These women claim to belong to the society by condemning abuses and mistreatments that are all too well known in the chronicles of all times. The paths of Maria, Dolores, Sofia, Ludovica, and so many others intertwine regardless of their will, and together they travel the roads of hope, and of shared dreams.

From their meetings in the midst of nature, under the trees, they draw the strength they need to react to the harshness of life, the homesickness of their native places, the harassment and clichés that label the female gender, and the psycho-physical violence of men who are often victims of themselves. The result is the emergence of renewed beings who are open to life, like beautiful orchids with a foreign charm. Under these trees. Stories of women, by Alberto Libeccio, is an utterly feminine novel, seen and told by a man who most probably loves women very much.

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About the author

Alberto Libeccio was born in Naples on 11 July 1958. He graduated and specialised in law at the Federico II University of Naples, and undertook a career in the Public Administration, rising to management positions. He is now retired, married, and has four children. He lives in Naples with his family. His first published work was L’orologio dalle lancette blu (The Blue-handed Clock), published by Albatros-Il Filo in February 2021, which earned him an important award at the 46th edition of the Casentino Literary Prize 2021 – with the ‘Special Jury Recommendation’ -; the ‘Award of Merit’ at the 5th edition of the Milan International Literary Prize 2021; and the ‘Diploma of Merit’ at the 15th edition of the Alberoandronico National Literary Prize.